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Trusted advice for those who serve

With a minority Parliament and an election just over two years away, now is the time when good people of all backgrounds across the country begin to explore whether the time has come for them to run to serve as an elected leader. 

Entering politics isn't easy, and for many, the factors to consider weigh heavy. How will you afford to take time away from work? How will you balance your family life? Will you be "cancelled" for that stupid thing you did as a teenager? Who will run your campaign? What will your core campaign narrative, strategy and brand look like? How will you fundraise? What will your community, colleagues and friends think of you when you pick a partisan stripe? 

We get it. We've been in your shoes. From running winning campaigns, to consulting for some of Canada's most recognizable leaders, and even running as candidates ourselves, Altitude intimately understands the pressures and challenges candidates entering politics face. 

Runway by Altitude seeks to break down the barriers that prevent good people from entering politics. We'll help you kickstart your political journey by serving as trusted advisors, free of charge, as you get your campaign underway. 

Let's leave an impact on Canada

We know how hard it is to decide to enter politics, and then once you do, how hard it is to get your campaign off the ground - especially if you've never done it before.  

Runway by Altitude seeks to break down those barriers by offering pro-bono, trusted and confidential counsel and advice to good people looking to enter politics. 

We'll work through the pressing issues that are on your mind, and discern with you to answer your questions about political life and the impact you hope to have as an elected leader. We'll help you develop your initial campaign branding, narrative, strategy and message. And we'll connect you with organizers and campaigners in your community. 

All of this free of charge. No hidden fees. No hidden agendas. Just our way of helping good people get into politics and leave a lasting impact on our country. 


Runway by Altitude. Let's takeoff.  

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Kickstart your elected journey with Runway by Altitude! 

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